Granting Yourself Grace


I was spending some time on the elliptical at the gym the other day when I happened to overhear a conversation between a client and a trainer. The client was telling the trainer about what all she had eaten the past week. She then bragged to her trainer how she had lost 10 lbs in the past week. My ears immediately perked up.

I am proud to say that they did not perk up for the same reason they would have a year ago. A year ago, I would have been off of that machine and sprinting faster than I ever had on a treadmill to pay that trainer whatever I needed to for the secrets of her success. Now I know better.

I decided to casually approach the trainer and find out what she was telling her client. The trainer was tall and relatively lean. Her client was overweight, but not nearly close enough that 10 lbs in a week would make sense at all or be healthy. As I did some squats close to them, I heard the client going into details about how she was eating her egg whites every day with her salad and cucumbers with plain, broiled chicken and half a quest bar just like the trainer had told her. My heart hurt a bit for this woman. The woman then looked up from the middle of her pushup with a face of remorse and pure shame. “I did have a fun sized snicker bar yesterday.” She told her trainer. Her trainer put her hands on her hips and pointed her finger at the client like she was a child and said, “Well, maybe if you hadn’t done that, you would’ve lost more weight. Let this be a lesson to you.” That’s about the moment my heart broke for her.

At this point, it was all I could do not to slap that trainer across the face. I ended up finding out that she was a new trainer, had just lost 100 lbs completely on her own, and had a “secret formula” for success that she wouldn’t tell me unless if I paid her 100 dollars. I wanted to cry for that client and for all the others this woman is making feel worthless because of a FUN SIZED SNICKER BAR. Never mind the fact that this overweight woman is kicking he own ass at the gym. Never mind the fact that she is dedicated to change and hard work. Lets berate all of that because she had a snickers bar.

I have been working out with an amazing trainer for a year and a half. She kicks my ass daily and we definitely saw great changes, but I wasn’t getting the sculpted look I wanted. It wasn’t until I discovered macros and the importance of counting them that I begin to realize how important food is to your fitness regimen. In 6 weeks, I’ve lost at least 1 percent of my body fat, 6lbs and I look more sculpted than ever before. AND I AM EATING. I eat different things every single day. NEVER do I eat something that I don’t want to eat because it will help me lose. I found what works for me. I realized that a customized meal plan is not normal or healthy for your body or your mind. There is something more important than any of that though.

I give myself grace.

I give myself a break.

I don’t let guilty thoughts poison my mind.

Yesterday, I ate fried green tomatoes with avocado ranch. Did they fit my macros? No. Am I going to gain 10 lbs because I ate them? No. Rather than berate myself and spend a day and a half feeling guilty, I simply enjoyed my lovely food that I chose to eat and then will choose to not eat fried food today. My body is so much better at telling me what it needs than I choose to believe. Was my body telling me it nutritionally needed fried food? OF COURSE NOT, but you must realize how your mind is a part of your body. Sometimes, your mind needs a break. Sometimes you need to give that big organ in your head that runs 24/7 a break. Your mind controls your body. Start treating it with grace and you will soon realize that you workout harder and see better results than ever before.
It is so so important to give yourself grace in all areas. Celebrate what is positive. You planned to run 2 miles straight, but you only managed a mile and half. YOU RAN A MILE AND A HALF!! CELEBRATE!

Celebrate your mind and your heart. Give them grace. Whether you are struggling work related goals, depression, injuries, relationship problems, or fitness, I promise you will see so much more success if you give yourself some kindness.



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